A Quick Comparison: SadaPay vs. NayaPay

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  1. Which Microfinance Bank is best for freelancers?
  2. Why SadaPay is better than NayaPay?
  3. What SadaPay and NayaPay actually is?
  4. Similarities and differences between SadaPay and NayaPay.
  5. A fight between SadaPay and NayaPay.

Based on my experience, here is a brief and quick comparison of SadaPay and NayaPay.

What is SadaPay and NayaPay?

SadaPay and NayaPay are microfinance banking systems in Pakistan just like PayPal, Payoneer, JazzCash, EasyPaisa, or CashApp. They help people, groups, or low-income individuals for avoiding high bank fees.

Here are some more details below to understand about the microfinance institutions;
  • Microfinance is a banking service that is provided to those struggling to make ends meet, or to low-income groups or individuals who would not otherwise have access to financial services.
  • Microfinance enables people to take out reasonable small business loans safely and follow ethical lending practices.
  • The majority of microfinance transactions take place in developing countries such as Uganda, Indonesia, Serbia, and Honduras.
  • Micro-financiers, like traditional lenders, charge interest on loans and impose specific repayment plans.
  • According to the World Bank, microfinance operations have benefited over 500 million people.

Similarities and differences between SadaPay and NayaPay.

App Design:

SadaPay app is stunning. The app has a distinct feel to it, and its design is unlike any other banking app. The design of NayaPay is similar to that of any other banking app. It appears to be much cluttered. SadaPay will hopefully be able to keep the design simple as more features are added in the future.

Payment Process:

Although the payment process of NayaPay is similar to that of SadaPay. SadaPay’s payment process appears to be easier and simpler. NayaPay requests a lot of unnecessary information, so even though SadaPay only requests the basics and the flow feels very simple.

Biometric Verification Process:

Normally, you do not need to verify the biometric verification process, but if you want to increase your monthly transaction limits, you must obtain biometric verification.

The NayaPay verification process (which requires a Meezan Bank ATM or branch) is far superior to SadaPay’s verification process (which requires Nadra e-Sahulat verification process). Banks are easily found on Google Maps, making it much easier to locate a Meezan bank branch. I searched for E-Sahulat shops on Google maps and visited a few locations, but no shops were offering e-Sahulat services at that location. I’ve had SadaPay access for over two months, but I haven’t been able to verify the account. I was able to verify my NayaPay account within one week of receiving access to the app.

Customer Support:

SadaPay is undoubtedly the best in this category. To begin with, SadaPay has built-in chat support, whereas NayaPay requires us to message them on Facebook or call them. Second, speaking with SadaPay’s support is always a pleasant experience. They always passionately listen to our suggestions and value them all. I recently spoke with NayaPay support and made a few suggestions for the app, and their responses were robotic. Their backing is insignificant in comparison to SadaPay’s. I always have the impression that when I speak with SadaPay’s support, my suggestions will make a difference. But I had the impression that my suggestions would be ignored while speaking with NayaPay support.


Overall, SadaPay performs better than NayaPay and the vast majority of other banking apps. SadaPay does not have many features at the moment, but this will gradually change. SadaPay excels in all of the features it currently provides, and we hope that this will continue in the future as new features are added. SadaPay should add more verification options shortly. SadaPay’s only flaw was that.

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  1. Very informative post. thanks...

  2. Now i have a complete Concepts about these two. Thanks post writer

  3. Sadapay linked me to a list of e-sahulat outlets near me. I found one at a walking distance and got verified on the first try. Took me 2 days and was simple enough. The list is pretty extensive. Remember to check biometric enabled on this link: https://e-sahulat.nadra.gov.pk/subpages/locate_franchisee.php

    1. Thanks for the information but there is still hurdles that people are facing just like you took 2 days for verification. I hope they will improve their system in future.

      Source: SadaFam Facebook Community Group


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